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OPINION | Study abroad experiences translate to campus life

OPINION | Study abroad experiences translate to campus life

Mimi Muir, Contributing Writer November 30, 2022

As COVID-19 regulations are lifted in many places worldwide, students are able to study abroad for the first time in a while. Tulane University students can apply to a variety of abroad programs and...

Black History education has been severely lacking and it is about time that its importance is realized.

OPINION | Why we all need to learn about Black history

Kirubele Adbebe, Contributing Columnist February 16, 2022

The education on Black History Month in this country is, to say it frankly, lacking. Teaching students about what Black History Month is and why we celebrate it is incredibly important. We must consider...

Critical Race Theory is an increasingly hot topic; does it belong in our education system?

OPINION | Conservative groups, politicians threaten critical race education

Kaitlin Lowe, Contributing Columnist December 8, 2021

Segregation. Criminal Justice Policy. The legacies of enslavements on Black Americans. Prejudice in the U.S. The living racism in our U.S policies — when will it stop and when will it be heard? After...

Life skills may include financial literacy, time management and resume building.

OPINION | Tulane has no obligation to teach life skills

Abe Messing, Staff Columnist November 10, 2021

Perhaps the most common criticism any institution of learning receives is that it does not equip its students with necessary post-graduation skills. In early college years, students may be mostly...

Recent legislation limiting classroom discussions concerning race and gender prompts a deeper question; is neutral education possible?

OPINION | Can neutral education exist?

Doxey Kamara, Intersections Editor November 3, 2021

  Recently, multiple states have implemented or may implement bills that restrict what teachers can teach. One from Tennessee bans educators from teaching their students that “An individual,...

Education on consent promotes self advocacy and body awareness.

OPINION | Lack of consent education perpetuates sexual violence

Tanvi Bobba, Contributing Columnist October 13, 2021

From a young age, children are conditioned to accept affection, whether or not they are comfortable. This translates into them lacking a perception of boundaries when it comes to theirs and others’...

The commodification of Tulanes campus detracts from its educational purpose.

OPINION | Campus advertising interrupts learning environment

Luca Hoedeman, Contributing Writer April 21, 2021

There is a marketing adage that says, “If you are not the customer, then you are the product.” At Tulane University, the students have become both the customer and the product. With students being...

OPINION | Tulane film department requires modernization

OPINION | Tulane film department requires modernization

Abe Messing, Contributing Writer March 24, 2021

Enrolling in a film class initially feels kind of like getting away with something, sort of how being a Moviepass subscriber in 2018 felt — excited to watch a bunch of movies, but still slightly...

Gabe Darley | Senior Staff Artist

OPINION | Tulane should dedicate more resources to teaching Black narratives

Gabi Liebeler, Staff Writer February 24, 2021

As racial diversity has increased on Tulane University’s campus, the school has failed to incorporate BIPOC narratives and history into its curriculum. Despite the introduction of reforms aimed to...

Letter to the Editor: Online seat restrictions remain critical for students, professors

Letter to the Editor: Online seat restrictions remain critical for students, professors

February 10, 2021

The recent Hullabaloo article “Online seat restrictions are obsolete” by Phoebe Hurwitz led to a spirited conversation within CELT, Tulane’s Center for Engaged Learning and Teaching. There were a...

Biden policies image

Recent Biden era policies signal change in state of education in US

Apoorva Verghese, Intersections Editor February 3, 2021

Even before his election, many voters saw President Joe Biden as a beacon of hope for the future of education in the U.S. While on the campaign trail, Biden consistently highlighted his plans to address...

OPINION | Hear no evil, see no evil: Tulane’s disconnect from local community is troubling

OPINION | Hear no evil, see no evil: Tulane’s disconnect from local community is troubling

Lily Mae Lazarus, Views Editor February 3, 2021

Protected by stone walls and nestled among the St. Charles Avenue mansions, Tulane University exists as a world of its own. Tulanians live and breathe the reality of the “Tulane Bubble,” where the...

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