The Tulane Hullabaloo

Heartbreak, coronavirus, and the best people I’ve ever known


Shahamat Uddin, Intersections Editor

April 7, 2020

Today, almost three weeks after Tulane’s initial announcement of transitioning academic instruction online, I decided to take a walk through campus. I was met with a chilling sadness as I passed through McAlister Place, eyeing the remaining pavement chalk of planned events that will never happen. ...

Queue: What to watch after heartbreak

Queue: What to watch after heartbreak

Tigre Mui, Staff Reporter

April 4, 2018

Most of us have faced heartbreak in our lifetimes: whether your boyfriend cheated on you, things went south with your long-distance girlfriend or frat star Nick, who you've been Instagram-stalking for months, rejected you at The Boot. In one way or another, we've all been there before, and it hurts....