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Oh say, can you dream?

Oh say, can you dream?

Madison Sam, Contributing Writer September 28, 2022

“Where are you from?”  “Oh, I’m from New York. I was born there,” he says. Added as an afterthought, he then says: “well, I lived in Peru.” “Where’s Peru?” I find it completely...

When my parents made the decision to move to America, they anticipated how isolated we would be from everything we knew, our culture, our language, our families.

My first American Christmas showed me true loneliness

Apoorva Verghese, Senior Staff Columnist December 15, 2021

I can still somewhat remember the first American Christmas I spent in Seattle. It snowed, but not in the magical, cinematic way that left your nose red and your fingers lightly coated in ice. It was...

“What’s in a name?”

I kept my native name

Ifeoma Osakwe, Contributing Columnist October 20, 2021

      Last summer, I had the all typical “leaving-home” conversations with my family and one extra. My mother painted a distant picture of me not getting a job I was qualified...


#FreeYoel: Organizers in New Orleans challenge ICE inhumanity

Cliff Soloway and Lauren Allen September 12, 2019

Cliff Soloway and Lauren Allen were among those arrested on Sept. 8. Yoel Alonso Leal is a Cuban political dissident, husband and father. Since November of last year, when United States Immigration...

Courtesy of the Philadelphia Inquirer

‘The Farewell’ introduces second-generation American storytelling to Hollywood

Shahamat Uddin, Intersections Editor August 28, 2019

The cultural practice of second-generation Americans is in a forever-fluctuating state, deliberating between an adherence to the customs of their motherland and an assimilation into American lifestyle....

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