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Upcoming USG Diversity town hall to address student concerns

Upcoming USG Diversity town hall to address student concerns

Deeya Patel, News Editor

October 30, 2019

The Undergraduate Student Government Diversity, Inclusion and Equity Committee will host a town hall on Thursday, Nov. 7 at 7 p.m. in Kendall Cram Hall.  Last year, Tulane’s USG held a student forum, allowing students to interact with faculty dedicated to diversity and inclusion and ask questions or...

USG sexual violence town hall addresses climate survey updates

Amy Nankin | News Editor

Amy Nankin, News Editor

October 16, 2019

On Tuesday, Tulane’s Undergraduate Student Government hosted its annual Sexual Violence Town Hall, a platform for students to voice concerns about sexual violence on campus.    The Sexual Violence Town Hall was created following the campus-wide Climate Survey in 2018. The success of the e...

LGBTQ+ student sexual misconduct report identifies disparities in queer experience

climate survey

Deeya Patel, News Editor

September 12, 2019

“In particular with LGBTQ+ students, 33% reported being a victim of an attempted rape, and 31% reported being raped by a sexually violent perpatrator. I think it’s important to understand that’s pretty significant,” Dan Tillapaugh said.  Tillapaugh conducts research on intersectional issues and social...

Tulane continues work on Title IX with implementation of All In campaign

Tulane continues work on Title IX with implementation of All In campaign

Alex Tighe, Contributing Reporter

October 3, 2018

Tulane issued a climate survey to its students last February to assess instances of sexual harassment and sexual violence among the student body. Of the 47 percent of students that responded to the survey, 25 percent said they had been sexually assaulted during their time at Tulane. The adminis...

What does it mean to be a Tulanian?: A look at Tulane’s branding campaigns

What does it mean to be a Tulanian?: A look at Tulane’s branding campaigns

Peter Kintner, Staff Writer

September 9, 2018

What does it mean to be a Tulanian — or at least, what does Tulane want it to mean? The school’s own messaging and branding rules, which are laid out in its Style Guide, might provide the clearest answer. Tulane Communications and Marketing collaborated with an outside firm called Ologie to dev...

Letter to the Editor: My Experience Reporting Sexual Assault at Tulane University



May 18, 2018

In the wake of Harvey Weinstein, Al Franken, Kevin Spacey and many others facing accusations of sexual misconduct, there has been an outpouring of support across the country for survivors and whistleblowers who have spoken their personal, difficult truths.  As a recent victim of sexual assault, these...

Marginalized communities respond to sexual assault climate survey results

President Mike Fitts makes opening remarks at the town hall last Wednesday night.

Josh Axelrod, Sanjali De Silva, and Sophia Mariani

February 8, 2018

After five months of waiting and speculating, students gathered to hear the results of the Sexual Assault Climate Survey. The doors of Kendall Cram Lecture Room opened at 4:30 p.m. By 4:39 p.m. all 400 seats were taken. Beginning at 5 p.m. and going more than an hour over its scheduled end time, the town hall last We...

Letter to the Editor: Students must reflect on intersectional results of climate survey


February 7, 2018

Dear Editor, Tulane University came together literally and figuratively to discuss the climate of sexual violence on our campus on Wednesday, Jan. 31, 2018. Anyone who has not been closely following the process of the Climate Survey (from filling it out to impatiently awaiting the results) most likely...

Students press administration over release of sexual assault town hall results

sexual assault

Josh Axelrod and Sanjali De Silva

January 31, 2018

Scroll down to read the comprehensive live updates from the event. Read next week’s issue for insights on student reactions, thoughts from administration and what steps are moving forward. Yesterday evening, the Kendall Cram auditorium overflowed with students waiting to hear the results of the s...