The Tulane Hullabaloo

Sexual Thunder! wreaks perfect storm of pleasurable grooves at Sexyfest 2017

October 1, 2017

Local New Orleans band Sexual Thunder! brought "Pleasure to the People." No, really. On Saturday, Sept. 23, in a gloriously extravagant yet unexpectedly personal release party, Sexual Thunder! debuted...

Miss Mojo releases EP, expands presence from campus, to city, to Spotify

February 6, 2017

Miss Mojo band members Piper Browne and Leo Skovron cite a Southport Hall Live Music and Party Hall event for Browne's sorority being cancelled as the event that gave them momentum. With the venue booked,...

Miss Mojo’s ‘Up & Personal’ emulates intimacy of live, funky show

Courtesy of Rob Kellner
February 2, 2017

Miss Mojo brings the same energy to its recorded tracks on its first album, "Up & Personal," that it does in live performances. The album allows any listener to bring the joy of a funky soul pop concert...

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