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OPINION | Ukraine highlights hypocrisy in humanitarian efforts

OPINION | Ukraine highlights hypocrisy in humanitarian efforts

Thamidul Alam, Staff Columnist March 23, 2022

Right now in Europe, millions of Ukrainians seek safety as the largest refugee crisis since World War II takes place. Two and a half million people flee as a demoralized Russia escalates its aggressive...

Given that confirmation bias and cherry-picking evidence is such an ingrained element of the human psyche, how impartially evaluate the Israel-Palestine situation?

Israeli-Palestinian conflict’s unproductive cycle in media

Thamidul Alam, Contributing Columnist October 27, 2021

The social media cycle of tragedy has been normalized. Something terrible occurs in the Israel-Palestine region. Supporters of both sides take to social media to defend their respective sides. Eventually...

OPINION | Jerusalem Declaration on Antisemitism presents improvement, not end goal

OPINION | Jerusalem Declaration on Antisemitism presents improvement, not end goal

Ori Tsameret, Intersections Editor April 7, 2021

In May 2016, the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance, an intergovernmental organization headquartered in Berlin that is dedicated to advance and promote robust Holocaust education, touted...

OPINION| Examining bias in censorship on Israel/Palestine

OPINION| Examining bias in censorship on Israel/Palestine

Ori Tsameret, Intersections Editor March 3, 2021

On Saturday, Feb. 20th, NBC’s “Saturday Night Live” premiered as usual, featuring, as always, a litany of sketches performed by the ensemble cast and celebrity guest host. As part of their usual...

israeli/palestianin map split

OPINION | In controversial move, Israeli NGO critiques Israel as “apartheid”

Ori Tsameret, Intersections Editor January 27, 2021

On Monday, Jan. 18, Israeli nongovernmental organization B’Tselem issued a tweet publicizing their report describing the material reality of Jewish Israelis and Palestinians as “apartheid.” The...

arab-israeli conflict

Our campus conversation about the Arab-Israeli conflict lacks context

Harrison Thorn, Senior Staff Writer October 30, 2019

Through all the debate over Israel that happens on Tulane’s campus, it seems that one crucial idea consistently slips through the cracks: criticizing Israel isn’t anti-Semitic. The trouble comes when...


From ploughshares to swords: Zionism is an attack on Judaism

Cliff Soloway, Miranda Teresa Fitz, and Shay Meredith October 28, 2019

In 2017, when three students formed a chapter of Jewish Voice for Peace — now Students for Justice in Palestine — here at Tulane, they were reprimanded for anti-Semitism by several Undergraduate Student...


Letter to the Editor: ‘Pinkwashing’ misrepresents LGBTQ rights in Israel

Yael Pasumansky October 16, 2019

Yael Pasumansky is a fellow for the Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America. Dear Editor, Following Shai DeLuca-Tamasi’s visit to Tulane this past month, three students wrote...


OPINION: Pinkwashing Israeli politics at Tulane

Cliff Soloway, Wash Fields, and Harmonii Odinga October 2, 2019

On Tuesday last week, Shai DeLuca-Tamasi visited Tulane to share his experiences as a gay man and former sergeant in the Israeli Defense Forces. DeLuca-Tamasi spoke about coming out in the military and...

Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib poses with the executive board of the Tulane Muslim Students Association

OPINION: Students react to visit from Rashida Tlaib, call for Democratic accountability

Cliff Soloway, Jewell Prim, and Lauren Allen September 11, 2019

Before Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib took office in January, the depth of her heritage was already a source of inspiration. Before her first day on Capitol Hill, one of Tlaib’s Instagram posts prompted...


Student Org Spotlight: Students for Justice in Palestine opens dialogue, builds community

Lily Milwit , Senior Staff Reporter April 18, 2018

During the 2016-17 academic year, students hoping to start a club based on advocating for peace in the Israel-Palestine conflict went before the Undergraduate Student Government Senate to make its case. The...


Letter to the Editor: Students must embrace progressive organizing, hold administration accountable

On Jan. 25, the New Orleans City Council rescinded resolution R-18-5, which encouraged divestment from corporations benefiting from human rights violations. Since then, members of Students for Justice...

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