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OPINION | New data collection policy invades students’ privacy

Phoebe Hurwitz, Staff Writer February 10, 2021

The discussion of internet privacy rights and data collection policies in a national context has become more intimate than one might have expected. How could data collection, location tracking and...

Tulane Law School hosts free speech and privacy conference

Tulane Law School hosts free speech and privacy conference

Batu El, Contributing Reporter October 3, 2018

As every law student learns, the right to free speech is held in high esteem in the legal system. But what happens when the right to free speech, guaranteed by the First Amendment, conflicts with the right...

Cambridge Analytica threatens privacy of millions of Facebook users

Jonathan Krantz, Staff Writer April 11, 2018

It may not come to a surprise to anyone, but now on the list of possible threats to Western democracy, along with Russia, North Korea and the possible future where Sarah Palin runs for office again, is...

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