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OPINION | College students lean liberal

OPINION | College students lean liberal

Anna Dixon, Senior Staff Writer January 25, 2023

College students have been the face of progressive — and often even radical — political movements in the U.S. and the world for decades. College campuses in the U.S. were home to many protests...

OPINION: Nobody wants Lauren Boebert’s crocodile tears

OPINION: Nobody wants Lauren Boebert’s crocodile tears

Billy Bernfeld, Staff Writer January 25, 2023

On Nov. 20, 2022, Anderson Lee Aldrich entered an LGBTQ+ nightclub in Colorado. Opening fire with a long rifle, he slaughtered five people and injured 25 others in the process. Thanks to the heroic...

OPINION | Rights dont care about your feelings

OPINION | Rights don’t care about your feelings

Billy Bernfeld, Staff Writer November 11, 2022

The LGBTQ+ community has the right to the same freedoms and protections as their cisgender, heterosexual counterparts — but sadly, many conservatives want to dispute the legitimacy of that statement....

Tulane students must lead by example and come together along party lines.

OPINION | Tulane should be a model for national unity

Edwin Wang, Staff Writer November 12, 2020

As the U.S. moves past this election, Tulanians are obligated to honor their civic duty by rejecting divisive rancor, uniting behind the legal victor and mobilizing to craft a more equitable society....

Louisiana house bill protects Tulane against student lawsuits

Louisiana house bill protects Tulane against student lawsuits

Lauryn Aviles, Contributing Reporter September 17, 2020

This summer, Louisiana State Rep. Buddy Mincey Jr. sponsored a new bill, Louisiana HB-59, that would provide limitations of liability for public and private school districts and postsecondary institutions...


Student body must combat culture of contempt as 2020 approaches

Marcus Maldonado, Contributing Writer September 25, 2019

Marcus Maldonado is the co-founder and executive director of the Wave Center for Policy and Enterprise, a student-led thinktank devoted to uniting community, business and policy leaders around innovative...


Political organizations preach open discussion, gather for debate

Matt Saletta, Associate News Editor April 18, 2018

On Wednesday, April 11, a panel of Tulane students gathered in Joseph Merrick Jones Hall for a public debate on eight pressing political issues the United States faces today. Four groups were represented:...

political climate

Students report instances of political division on campus

Matt Saletta, Staff Reporter January 25, 2018

A wave of horror struck Lauren Bourgeois when she arrived at her dorm room. For the second time in a semester, people had covered her door with hate mail. "I had my dorm room door plastered with essays...

Proposed budget is shortsighted, lacks balance

Nketiah Berko, Views Editor June 7, 2017

On May 1, members of the Louisiana House Appropriations Committee approved a budget that drastically decreases funding to numerous agencies, including the Department of Child and Family Services, the Health...

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