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Paul Hall construction

Paul Hall construction moves forward

Anna Larsen, Contributing Reporter February 16, 2022

Come spring 2024, the 2,245 undergraduate students in the School of Science and Engineering will settle into Steven and Jann Paul Hall for Science and Engineering, nearly five years after the project...

Students should not have to bear the consequence of bad teaching. (Gabe Darley | Senior Staff Artist)

OPINION | Summing it up: Tulane math has work to do

Gabe Darley, Views Editor February 17, 2021

Tulane University is a school that values the sciences, without question. With roughly as many students belonging to the School of Science and Engineering as any of the other undergraduate schools,...

liberal arts

OPINION | Liberal arts education is more conducive to academic success

Robert Chumbley, Contributing Writer November 2, 2020

Many business-minded Tulanians and their parents like to talk about the “real world” and its justification of a skills-centered education. If it even exists at all, this mercantile “real world”...

Not sure what Tulane school you should be in? Maybe your on-court style will help you decide.

How your basketball play style translates to the classroom

Blaise Noble-Schueller, Contributing Reporter October 15, 2020

Picture this: there are 10 seconds left in your pickup basketball game, and you gather a monster rebound. With your eyes up and ball pounding down the hardwood, your team trusts you to take the final shot...

Ode to self-involved STEM majors

Ode to self-involved STEM majors

Gabe Darley, Staff Writer February 26, 2020

Gabe Darley is majoring in Computer Science and English. Tulane is a school that excels in fairly representing both the arts and the sciences. One school does not academically dominate the other...

Maggie Pasterz | Staff Photographer

From brain tumors to car batteries: Research at Tulane booms this fall

Deeya Patel, News Editor December 5, 2019

This semester, Tulane has made strides in research in a wide range of fields including cancer biology, entrepreneurship and education. Here are some of the highlights:   Senior James Rogers James...

Elana Bush | Photography Editor

Professor Profile: Lisa Molix promotes student engagement through her roles on campus

Michael Chen, Associate News Editor March 20, 2019

While many professors are rarely seen outside their classrooms and offices, Professor Lisa Molix breaks this mold. From dinners at Bruff to attendance at events around campus, Molix is easily found,...

course evaluations

Faculty explain importance of student evaluations

Tess Riley, Senior Staff Reporter April 25, 2018

Before the close of each semester, students receive an email reminding them to complete their course evaluations. While these forms may be tempting to scroll past, they provide vital feedback for professors...

science and engineering

School of Science and Engineering receives $10 million for new complex

Cassie Hayno, Contributing Reporter March 16, 2018

The number of undergraduate students with a primary or secondary major in the School of Science and Engineering was more than 2,500 in 2017, making up nearly one-third of the entire undergraduate population....

Flower Hall will soon house much of Tulanes School of Science and Engineering.

Flower Hall expands to contain parts of science and engineering departments

Carrigan English, Associate Editor November 29, 2017

Donna and Paul Flower Hall is a fairly recent addition campus, having been completed in 2012. This former home to the Taylor Center for Social Innovation and Design might look a little out of place to...

New science department to study Mississippi River delta

New science department to study Mississippi River delta

Adrienne Underwood and Graham Andreae, News Editor and Staff Reporter September 18, 2017

Tulane's School of Science and Engineering is introducing The Department of River-Coastal Science and Engineering, the first of its kind.  Through the new program, Tulane seeks to further understand...

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