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OPINION | Stop normalizing alcoholic tendencies

OPINION | Stop normalizing alcoholic tendencies

Gabi Liebeler, Views Editor March 16, 2022

Drinking alcohol in college is anything but taboo; in fact, many may see drinking as an integral part of the college experience. While this sentiment may hold true at universities across the country,...

OPINION | Gender inequities in Greek life persist at Tulane

OPINION | Gender inequities in Greek life persist at Tulane

Billie Wyler, Staff Columnist March 16, 2022

  Fraternities were first established at universities in 1776. Eventually, the first sorority was formed over 100 years later in 1882. The women in these institutions felt pressure to prove...

OPINION | Tulanes new sober spaces show improvement

OPINION | Tulane’s new sober spaces show improvement

Tara Nored, Contributing Columnist January 31, 2022

Last September, The Hullabaloo published an article about the need for more sober social outlets at Tulane University. Consistently ranking among the top party schools in the nation, Tulane is notorious...

Neon graphic that says, The Sober Spot, with a picture of a drink carton.

OPINION | Tulane needs more sober social outlets

Tara Nored, Contributing Writer September 15, 2021

Whenever I tell a fellow Tulane University student about an occasional trip to Harrah’s Casino, they often smile and crack a joke about my “gambling addiction.” I usually smile back, since there...

A girl on the phone, presumably with a friend outside of her bubble.

OPINION | COVID-19 restrictions build new appreciation for friendships

Phoebe Hurwitz, Staff Writer March 3, 2021

In nostalgic moments of contemplation, it is now second nature to agonize over pre-COVID-19 life. While celebrating the circumstances caused by COVID-19 is quixotic and even insensitive, we would be...

Making friends and building a support system in college conflicts with COVID-19 regulations

OPINION | Social isolation leads to risky student behavior

Gabi Liebeler, Contributing Writer October 21, 2020

Although Tulane released a comprehensive Return to Campus Plan in late July, this enforcement of campus-wide mask-wearing, social distancing, frequent sanitation and prohibition of gatherings over...

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