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OPINION | Tulane needs to do more to protect students’ mental health

Tulane must take into account the students' well being to mend the current unhealthy work-life balance.
4 days ago

It has been an anxiety-inducing semester, to say the least. Over the past few months, students have dealt with unprecedented stressors as they have navigated a pandemic, a new hybrid learning format and...

OPINION | Tulane continues to save face at cost of students’ well being

Spring 2021's academic calendar is glaringly lacking real breaks.
November 11, 2020

Since August, Tulane University students have weathered the administrative pandemonium of the fall semester. Though many higher education institutions chose to conduct courses remotely due to legitimate...

Tulane’s Spring Break will run during Mardi Gras 2019

Courtesy of Tulane University Admissions Blog - Jeff Schiffman
February 20, 2019

During Mardi Gras season, many students are motivated in the spring semester by the collection of festivals and opportunities to escape the classroom. With the thrill of the parades and the sounds...

Tackling a shortened spring break

Adelaide Basco | Art Director
January 30, 2019

As students at other universities plan spring break trips to Florida beaches or on tropical cruises, Tulane students are feeling left out. At least a week off for college spring break is a given –...

Students must avoid damaging beach communities

Students must avoid damaging beach communities
April 18, 2018

For many Tulane students, the spring semester means going on beach vacations with friends, whether it be for spring break or formal. While these trips offer a fun getaway for college students at Tulane...

Airlines compete for student business over spring break

March 21, 2018

With spring break on the horizon, many students at Tulane have booked flights for their various vacations. Some, however, find the task of planning trips to be a challenge. Students on campus have found...

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