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OPINION: Antisemitism remains intolerable

OPINION: Antisemitism remains intolerable

Billy Bernfeld, Staff Writer 5 days ago

On Jan. 11, a Tulanian published an article on a conservative website named College Dissident. The article in question made an attempt to defend disgraced rapper Ye, now infamous for his downward spiral...

University organizations must forego spreading hate on campuses.

Universities should not condone hateful student organizations

Quinn Burke, Staff Writer November 8, 2017

Reactionary movements are defined as those seeking to "advocate the restoration of a previous state of social affairs." And following the "It's Okay to be White" signs that have cropped up across campuses...

Understanding, not violence, improves political discourse

Matt Saletta, Contributing Writer September 28, 2017

Political violence has played a historic role in shaping the American political climate over the last several years. In all of its forms, political violence must come to an end, not only because it is...

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