Unofficial guide to navigating a Green Wave tailgate


A group of tailgating Tulane students rock their “white out” game day attire on the Lavin-Bernick Center Quad.

Tess Riley, Sports Editor

Football season is fast approaching, which means Tulanians of all forms will be preparing their Green Wave gear (and livers) for what some would call the main event: the tailgate.

Here is a helpful guide for freshmen and returning students alike to make the most out of your 2016 tailgating season. With new head coach Willie Fritz taking over the football team, who knows, you may even be tempted to stay for the game instead of making a beeline for The Boot!

  1. Wake up early: If you miss the pregame, you will have a miserable (sober) time trying to locate your drunken friends in the crowd. Getting up early also gives you enough time to throw on your best Tulane gear. Which leads us to our next tip…
  2. Get festive: It’s not exactly Mardi Gras, but Tulane tailgates are a close second in terms of beads and booze. Your Tulane tube socks will be the envy of your entire dorm as will the always comfortable and stylish Tulane boxers. If you are new to Tulane, you will be given a free t-shirt for every event you are forced to sit through. There is literally no excuse to show up in anything that is not the color green and/or Green Wave affiliated.  

  3. It’s a marathon, not a sprint: Mastering game day is an art form. There’s the pregame (highly recommended), the tailgate (must attend), the game itself (…recommended) and post-game parties or Boot o’clock shenanigans (if you last that long). Pace yourself, keep track of your friends and dear god do not lose your Splash Card.  

  4. Don’t be afraid to approach student tents: Different student groups, like fraternities and club sports, will have tents set up all over the quad. Don’t be afraid to walk over and introduce yourself. During your freshman year, these tents will be a great way to make friends. They are also an even better way to score free Jell-O shots. However, not all tents are designed for intoxicated student consumption…

  5. Be wary of the alumni tents: Although there will be plenty of food at the tailgate, it usually is not free and typically runs out pretty quickly. At some point, you will no doubt embark on an alcohol-induced adventure to locate carbs with your new “best friend” you met at a frat tent. You might spot a tent full of food and middle-aged Tulane fans. To you and your new friend, this might appear to be the Emerald City at the end of the Yellow Brick Road. Once you find yourself sprinting away from angry alumni, then you’ll realize that sandwich was not meant for you.  

  6. We have rules here: Despite being one of the top 10 party schools in the country (Thanks Princeton Review, you’re pretty cool too), Tulane is also extremely competitive academically. There are security, administrators, faculty and staff who want to see you succeed both in the classroom and at the tailgate. A few rules to be aware of (and how to address them): no glass containers or hard liquor (bring a flask), no drinking games (that’s what pregames are for) and obviously, you must be 21 to drink (don’t draw attention to your age by doing something stupid like puking, fighting or saying “Roll Tide” instead of “Roll Wave”).

  7. Bonus tip: If you see one of your professors, just smile and raise your solo cup in solidarity. Do not engage in any kind of tipsy banter about last week’s lecture. It’s not awkward unless you make it awkward.  

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