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It’s the classic day for romance, but many couples also want toadd a bit of fun to their Valentine’s Day celebration. Instead ofthe usual dinner reservations, why not take a different approachthat’s interactive and a great catalyst for conversation:fondue.

One of the best things about fondue and Valentine’s Day is thatit opens the door for many different possibilities. You can keep itjust between you and your sweetheart, make it a couples’ event, orhost a singles’ party so that those who are “unattached” can get inon the fun as well.

Having a few pots going is a good idea – one for a classic Swisscheese fondue, one for oil, butter or broth, and another with dark,milk or white chocolate for a decadent dessert. As for what you’llbe dipping, set out a variety of platters with vegetables, meats,breads and fruits. And, given the nature of the day, it’s not outof place to include some aphrodisiac foods – asparagus, bananas,broccoli rabe, figs and strawberries. It might be counterintuitive,but garlic is also an aphrodisiac and makes a great addition toyour cheese or butter pot.

Consider these ideas for your Valentine’s Day fondue.

* Just you and your Valentine: Set the mood by decorating yourspace with romantic touches. Create a romantic glow withcandlelight throughout your home, and make your table settinglavish with a vase full of lush red roses. Plan well in advanceso that you have time to compile a playlist of romantic music forthe evening and are able to find just the right bottle of wine orchampagne to accompany your fondue courses. Take turns feeding eachother the romantic foods for a special experience.

* A couples’ get-together: Make the day easy on your friends bygiving them a way out of having to struggle to get restaurantreservations – invite them over for a festive fondue party. Set upa buffet of beautiful foods to dip in your bubbling fondue pots -just be sure that your fondue forks can be easily differentiated sothere are no mix-ups. A nice touch to keep the romantic theme ofthe day going is to arrange for flowers to be given to each coupleattending the party. Using a delivery service like makes it mucheasier than going from store to store finding enough blooms foreveryone. Round out the evening by watching a romantic comedy – onethat guys and girls can both agree on, of course.

* A singles’ soiree: Valentine’s Day can definitely make singlesfeel left out, but there’s no reason they can’t celebrate withfriends. Make it a girls’ night or a mix-and-mingle event, buteither way, make sure that you have a wide variety of foods tosample and a good supply of complementary beverages like beer, wineor your own specially-created cocktail. Depending on the type ofparty, it can be fun to go around the table describing hilariouslybad dates of the past.

Fondue adds a new dimension to Valentine’s Day, whether you’recelebrating with your sweetie or your best friends. For recipes andmore information about hosting a fondue party, go

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