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Trying to keep your business or home office on a realisticbudget this year? Follow these simple tips, and you’ll learn how tosave money on inkribbons and cartridges-without sacrificing quality.

1. Buy private label ink ribbons and ink cartridges.

While it seems logical to buy ink ribbons made by the samemanufacturer as your printer, it’s not necessary. Many printer inkribbons and cartridge options made by third-party manufacturers arecompatible with a variety of printer brands. In fact, office supplystores and online providers, like OfficeMax, sell their own brandsof toner and ink cartridges that will work perfectly with yourprinter. If you’re buying online, check out user reviews to get agood feel for which product will work best for you.

2. Print with high-efficiency settings to conserve printerink.

In most cases, your printouts don’t always need the crisp,polished look of a professional print job. If you’re printingpersonal notes or other internal documents, use high-efficiencysettings, like draft mode or grayscale. These require less printerink, thus enabling your ink cartridge to stay on the job longer. Your printouts may beon the lighter side, but you’ll still be able to read what’sprinted on them.

The process of selecting draft mode or grayscale will vary basedon the printer you use. When you are ready to print, look at youradvanced setting choices for grayscale or draft mode.

3. Refill ink cartridges.

An empty printer ink cartridge need not be tossed out. Instead,have it refilled or recycled. Not only is this environmentallypreferable, but it will also save you money, since ink refillsoffer considerable savings over purchasing a brand new inkcartridge.

If you do plan to refill your cartridges, you can eitherpurchase a kit online or visit an office supply store to have thecartridge refilled. Doing so will help you stay within your budget,plus many office supply stores offer programs and in-store perksfor each refill you redeem. If you use a lot of ink, offers likethese can give you significant cost savings over time. Plus, it’s agreat way to keep unnecessary waste out of landfills.

4. Buy remanufactured/recycled ink cartridges.

Much like off-brand cartridges, remanufactured ink cartridgesare a great money-saving option for printing. Many office supplystores are able to offer these cartridges by repurposing used onescollected through either the retailers’ or the cartridgemanufacturers’ recycling programs. Since remanufactured cartridgesare less expensive, using them means a reduction in your printerink costs.

5. Use good judgment.

Here’s one tip that’s quite simple: print only what you need. Doas much proofreading as you can on screen before printing out yourfinal revision. This will help give your ink ribbon a break, andyou won’t waste as much paper, either. If your document containsimages that aren’t imperative to the printed version, choose toprint only the text within the document. Images often require a lotof printer ink and will drain your ink cartridge more quickly.

Using these five simple tips can quickly reduce the costs ofbusiness or home printing jobs and is one more way to stay onbudget. Along with substantial cost savings, you’ll also feel goodabout doing your part to help the environment.

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