A$AP Ferg offers industry insight at Loyola interview

Heather Andelsman, Staff Reporter

ASAP has taken on a whole other meaning besides “as soon as possible.” Rapper and entrepreneur A$AP Ferg, born and raised in Harlem, New York, had a great deal to say to students and aspiring musicians when he was interviewed March 13 in front of an audience at Loyola University. The rapper discussed the start of A$AP Mob, his upcoming album and advice he had to offer.

Ferg started out in college studying fine arts and fashion until he met fellow artist A$AP Rocky, who provided him with the opportunity to start rapping. He didnt always plan on being a musician, though he agreed to pursue a duo with Rocky. Both later joined the collective group A$AP Mob, which was how they launched their careers.

Music was the platform for me to expand my art and create different things, Ferg said.

His first album, “Trap Lord,” was released in 2013. His long-awaited next album, “Always Strive and Prosper,” is set to release this year. This album will be more personal and give fans a closer look into his identity.

“I want my fans to know who I am as a person, where I came from and how I got on the world stage today,” Ferg said. “To know my trials and tribulations, make myself a human being again.”

His newest single, “New Level,” is a collaboration with the rapper Future, who has worked with big-name artists such as Drake and The Weeknd. Ferg revealed that many other artists and producers have also contributed to “Always Strive and Prosper,” including Missy Elliot, DJ Khaled and Clams Casino.

An enormous amount of work went into making the album the absolute best that it can be. As he worked on the tracks, time was taken to perfect each song with multiple takes. Unless there was a deeper story, Ferg said his songs came out of recorded live sessions.

“Some songs are straight, pure energy,” Ferg said. “You want to keep that energy. You freestyle, go in there and turn up, your thought process is going too fast [to write down.]”

As a professional artist, Ferg gave out valuable pieces of advice for anyone hoping to enter the music industry. He believes it is important to be professional and be educated. Remaining humble is also the key to any kind of celebrity lifestyle.

“I just kind of keep people that really care about me and love me around,” Ferg said. “You just have to keep that positive vibe going, stay in the game, and remember what you’re doing it for.”

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