Allied Moxy and Verbal Slick honor local bosses

Jake Szasz, Contributing Reporter

This past Monday at the AMC Elmwood Palace, four local female bosses were honored by Allied Moxy and Verbal Slick with “Boss Awards” while promoting Universal Pictures’ upcoming movie, “The Boss.” These women got the full Hollywood treatment. They walked the red carpet, struck their favorite poses for the cameras and were interviewed by the best of New Orleans press.

The event was hosted incredibly by local celebrity 102.9’s “Downtown” Lesli Brown. Her vibrant personality and instant connection with the crowd helped make this event feel even more special. The honorees included: Anita Demps for Law and Architecture, Tonya Boyd-Cannon for Songwriting and Performance, Dr. Kiki Baker Barnes for Athletics and Education and Tracee Dundas for Fashion and Design. Each honoree earned this award due to leadership in their field and fantastic efforts to help the New Orleans community.

As a special treat, the people that attended the event had the pleasure of witnessing Dr. Barnes beat-box while Ms. Boyd-Cannon, “Top 20” finalist on NBC’s “The Voice,” beautifully sang along with the melody. This event felt more like a celebration than an awards show. The honorees each received a certificate stating they were a “Certified Boss,” in addition to a special gift from Councilwoman Nadine Ramsey.

Honorees and special guests were also treated to an advanced screening of, “The Boss,” which stars Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Bell and Peter Dinklage. Ben Falcone, the film’s director and McCarthy’s husband, also directed “Tammy.”

The movie follows the 47th richest woman in the world, Michelle Darnell, played by Melissa McCarthy and her rags-to-riches-to-rags-to-riches story. After being arrested for insider trading, Darnell loses all of her money and is taken in by her former assistant, Claire, played by Kristen Bell. Together they start a brownie business (with a Girl Scout Cookies setup) called “Darnell’s Darlings.” Darnell hopes that this will help her regain her fortune and once again live a life of luxury.

It certainly isn’t a Best Picture nominee, but what straight-up comedy ever is? The film is a very by-the-books comedy with a splash of McCarthy’s usual brand of humor, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. McCarthy did a great job playing the intimidating, uber-confident and power-hungry Michelle Darnell. She can’t seem to disappoint while on camera. But McCarthy wasn’t the only bright spot. Tyler Labine does a great job playing the role of Mike, Claire’s coworker that won’t stop asking her out. He is responsible for a couple of the funniest moments in the movie. It is a fun time at the theater with plenty of laughs and classic comedy cliches. While this movie is by no means a “must-see,” if you want to see a comedy this weekend and you’re at least somewhat of a McCarthy fan, you should check it out. “The Boss” opened in theaters April 8.

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