Oscar Weekend at Prytania Theatre


Ben Shooter, Associate Arcade Editor & Heather Andelsman

Sunday, Feb. 28

By now, we’ve all heard news of the 88th Academy Awards, which premiered Feb. 28 with the huge revelation that Leonardo DiCaprio won his first Oscar. If you’re looking for somewhere to watch next year, the Prytania Theatre holds an annual event that allows film enthusiasts to watch the Oscars in a social setting.

This was the 19th year the New Orleans Film Society held the event at the Prytania and gives people the chance to see the show on a large, movie-style screen. A ticket to the event included catered food from Whole Foods as well as popcorn and drinks provided by the theatre. Show hosts Amanda Rose and the Second Line Comedy Show provided entertainment during commercials.

Guests attending the event could participate in filling out predictions, answering trivia questions and a costume contest to win various prizes. The prizes included a $100 gift card to Charlie’s Steakhouse, a $50 gift card to Collins Hotel Bar and a director’s membership to the theatre.

“It’s a social gathering to watch the Awards,” Prytania Theatre Owner and Director Robert Brunet said. “It’s always more fun to have a group of people interact to watch it, and we make it a very fun night here.”

Monday, Feb. 29

This Monday, WTUL New Orleans teamed up with the Prytania Theatre for a unique moment in a recent series of fundraisers for Tulane’s radio station. At 10 p.m., the theatre showed the classic 1978 musical “Grease,” which tells the romantic story of a couple in 1950s America. The film, which has achieved musical and cultural significance thanks to numbers like “Greased Lightnin'” and “You’re the One That I Want,” was used by WTUL specifically to draw attention to the radio’s “Stage and Screen” show.  

“We teamed up with Prytania to put on ‘Grease’ and we’ll get part of ticket sales,” WTUL General Manager Remy Malkovich said. “Since we have a Broadway and show tunes show on WTUL, we have our host of ‘Stage and Screen,’ that’s the name of the show, do an intro before the movie starts.”

Stage and Screen, according to Malkovich, is an important and valued fixture for WTUL, which currently showcases everything from local jazz and hip-hop to heavy metal and classical music.  

“‘Stage and Screen’ has been a show on WTUL for over 25 years and probably has some of the most loyal listeners,” Malkovich said. “So they’re going to do an intro tonight before the show and people can meet them because they’re sort of like local celebrities to WTUL listeners, and they’ll talk about facts of ‘Grease.'”

Viewers and listeners should certainly expect continuing collaborations by WTUL in the future, as events like these continue to benefit both local entertainment purveyors.

“We’ve worked with Prytania before in past [events],” Malkovich said. “This is the first year we’re doing a ‘Stage and Screen’ themed movie.”

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