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Decorating your child’s room with a theme she’ll love is a greatway to nourish her creativity and imagination. But with so manydecorating possibilities out there, how do you choose a theme thatshe will love as much in two years as she does the day the room isdone?

Here are four surefire kids’ room themes that children will lovelong after the paint is dry on the walls:

Lord (or lady) of the jungle

What youngster doesn’t love a trip to the zoo? Give your child asafari-themed room and you’ll be nourishing her dreams of leadingan expedition into the deep, dark jungle. Plus, you’ll be fosteringher love and knowledge of the natural world. Let your imaginationrun wild with this theme by painting walls in jungle greens ordressing them up with junglemurals. Add in linens festooned with palm tree patterns andjungle vines, toss in some plush stuffed animals such as monkeys,gorillas and elephants, and you’ve got a great jungle theme.

Tune in to cartoons

Nearly every child has a favorite cartoon show and characters heknows and loves. Whether his tastes run to oldies but goodies, likeThomas or Scooby-Doo, or Disney greats like Buzz Lightyear orLightning McQueen, you can find plenty of accessories and decoritems to create a cartoon-themed room. You can even find wall murals featuring favoritecharacters through online sources such as

Castle dreams

Whether your child dreams of sitting at King Arthur’s roundtable, crossing wands with the evil minions of Voldemort, orfinding adventure with a knight in shining armor, castles hold aplace of honor in many childhood fantasies. A little creativitymakes a castle theme easy to achieve. Consider painting one wall toresemble faux brick and paint the door to look like wood heldtogether with iron bands and bolts. For girls, a few yards of sheerfabric draped over windows and bed posts will evoke the spirit of aprincess’s room.

A sea of possibilities

Perhaps your boy is a beach bum at heart. Or your daughteraspires to be a pioneering marine biologist. Both might love a roomthat surrounds them with the spirit of the sea. Ocean scenes areamong the most popular children’smurals sold by online wallpaper mural maker Murals Your Way.Decorate one wall with an undersea theme, and use sea green wallsand sand-colored carpet to create the effect of being under water.Play out the theme with seashell and ocean life decoratoritems.

Whatever your children’s ages or tastes, it’s well worth aninvestment of time and creativity to decorate their rooms withthemes that will inspire their imagination for years to come.

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