Tulane grad opens New Orleans Boulder Lounge, offers climbing opportunities

Molly Maugeri, Staff Reporter

A workout that is seldom considered, climbing is a great physical activity that fully tests the limits of the body’s strength and stamina. Despite New Orleans’ lack of natural climbing environments, this passion for many can now be pursued thanks to the New Orleans Boulder Lounge.

Last August, Tulane alum Eli Klarman opened the NOBL in the Lower Garden District, the first climbing gym in New Orleans in over 10 years. The gym is fully-equipped, with 2,500 square feet of climbing surface, a yoga studio and fitness area, a cafe and lounge, a performance stage and a private event space.

Climbers, both beginner and highly-skilled, are welcome during the week on afternoons and nights and all day on the weekends with a charge of $16 at the door. The gym provides all equipment and gear necessary to climb for the day, but climbers are encouraged to bring their own shoes, harnesses and other supplies. 

The gym offers a range of classes and events during the year as well, including climbing classes, private training, Student Night, Ladies Night and Climber’s Happy Hour to name a few. All age groups are welcome and there are classes to accommodate everyone.

The gym is a great new addition to the New Orleans community, and is a great place to check out for those wanting to try something different and active.

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