Queue: March Madness

Bryce Berman, Staff Reporter

It’s officially March, and spring cleaning entails much more than vacuuming for the first time since October — pruning the Netflix queue is also a necessity. Out with the old, and in with the new. So here’s what the average binge-watcher should expect to be coming and leaving during March.

What’s Coming

“Flaked”— Available March 11

Netflix’s success with its own original series continues this month with the release of “Flaked,” a new comedy from Mitch Hurwitz, the creator of “Arrested Development.” The dramatic comedy show features Will Arnett as Chip, a self-help professional and anonymous alcoholic who lives in the Venice neighborhood of Los Angeles.  Struggling with his past and his estranged-wife, Chip becomes locked in competition with his best friend Dennis for the affections of local London, a waitress at a local restaurant.

“My Beautiful Broken Brain” – Available March 18

“My Beautiful Broken Brain” is a documentary by Lotje Sodderland, a filmmaker who suffered a stroke. The film provides a glimpse into the hardships of recovery and the frustrating results of a terrifying condition.

What’s Leaving

“The Babysitters” — 3.5 Stars (Unavailable as of March 1)

A decidedly different babysitters club than the one you might remember from the books in elementary school, The Babysitters focuses on a group of high school girls who get a little too close to the families they sit for. After an illicit encounter with a father she sits for, Shirley enlists her friends to form a prostitution ring under the pretense of a babysitter’s club. A rival group soon arises and starts stealing Shirley’s customers, raising the stakes. Ultimately, The Babysitters underlying themes of innocence are not enough to balance its raunchy moments, but it still makes for an entertaining watch.

“Side Effects” — 2.5 Stars (Unavailable after March 15)

“Side Effects” is an underrated drama in which Rooney Mara plays Emily Taylor, a woman whose repeated suicide attempts lead to her being prescribed the experimental antidepressant Ablixa by her current psychiatrist Jonathan. Initially Emily seems to experience disturbing side effects of the drug, but there is more to her than meets the eye.

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