Hinds’ high-spirited performance at Hi-Ho Lounge delights fans

Madrid-native Hinds delighted fans last Monday at the Hi-Ho Lounge. Touring in support of its first EP “Leave Me Alone,” the punk rock band stopped in New Orleans before a jam-packed schedule of SXSW shows in Austin, Texas.

Hinds was accompanied by Canadian punk outfit Goodbye Honolulu, who kicked off the night with fast-paced head-bangers, while Hinds members stood in the front row, cheering and even starting a small mosh pit. Before rocking out its last song, Goodbye Honolulu invited up Hinds for a joint dance party.

By the time Hinds took the stage, the crowd was ready to rock out. Vocalists and guitarists Ana Perrote and Carlotta Cosials along with bassist Ade Martin and drummer Amber Grimbergen got the concert started with “Trippy Gum” and “Fat Calmed Kiddos.”

The musicians may barely be in their twenties (Grimberger celebrated her 20th birthday Monday night), however, Hinds’ thorough experience from relentless tours through Europe, the United States and Australia shined through its tight set. Perrote and Cosials had a personable way of connecting with audience, animatedly recounting stories from on the road, touring through the states and shopping at Walmart. They spoke in a similar way to the way they performed: approachable, vibrant and exciting.

The girls rolled through their set list with ease and confidence, building momentum with tracks like “Between Cans” and “Easy.” Hinds saved popular upbeat tracks from the new EP like “Bamboo,” “San Diego” and “Garden” for the end of the show. During one of Hinds’ final songs, Cosials spontaneously jumped on the shoulders of a fan in the front row, all the while continuing to jam on her guitar.

The night went full circle when Hinds invited the musicians of Goodbye Honolulu on stage for the last song of its set. The cohesion between the two bands was evident in more than their combined final songs; both groups enthusiastically appreciated and thanked each other for their few yet valued shared shows.

Hinds’ light-hearted, energetic performance had a palpable sincerity. At the end of the night, the audience seemed to echo the sentiment of Hinds’ chorus in “Walking Home”: “That’s why I can’t get enough/Get enough of your time.”

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