Pack the Wolf brings together student bands

Pack the Wolf returns to the The Howlin’ Wolf for its third year, boasting a stacked lineup that includes performances by Cakewalk, Organized Crime, The Aaron Cohen Band, Spare Change and Chopped Up Tulips.

The show begins at 9 p.m. Saturday at The Howlin’ Wolf. Tickets to the show cost $10 and (if you’re of age) include a “Free Beer Happy Hour” from 8 p.m. to 9 p.m.

While most concerts tend to stick to one genre, this year’s Pack the Wolf has a little bit of everything. From blues to funk to alternative rock, each band brings their own unique sound and style to the show. Guitarist Henry Green of Organized Crime believes that it’s part of the reason why Pack the Wolf can be such a new and exciting experience for both the bands and the audience.

“[Pack the Wolf] allows us to tap into an audience that we wouldn’t normally bring out,” Green said. “Our music is pretty jazzy and music-nerdy, and there are people who wouldn’t necessarily be into that, but now we get a chance to show it to them in a different context” 

Pack the Wolf was created three years ago by Loyola graduate Pete Shimshock to showcase New Orleans up-and-coming bands, including former and current Tulane and Loyola students. Past lineups included performances from other alumni artists like Abby Diamond, Stoop Kids and the Big Excuse.

Even though the event has grown over the years, it has stuck to its original mission. This can largely be attributed to the hard work of people like former Loyola student Kali Serna, who now helps run and promote the event. Serna sees the promise that Pack the Wolf has to offer.

“[Pack the Wolf] brings together pool of musicians who are our peers that we try to support,” Serna said. “Instead of having crazy parties at a house with all of the bands we love, the Howlin’ Wolf gives us a safe space to party with better production quality.”

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