Ignore student apathy, vote, no matter where you are

Daniel Horowitz, Staff Writer

This is an opinion article and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Tulane Hullabaloo.

Voting is, by far, one of the most important forms of political participation in a democracy. It is how many people without political careers participate in our government. Choosing who gets placed into office to help lead our country is everybody’s responsibility. With power like that, it is important that students take care to learn about the options they have when it comes to how and where to register to vote. More importantly, young adults need to take that information and actually vote.

A good majority of Tulane students come from outside Louisiana, which means they have more than one option. These students can register to vote in their home state and vote by absentee ballot. Otherwise, they can register to vote here in Louisiana since they live in the state for the majority of the year. It is possible to be registered in more than one state, but a voter cannot cast more than one ballot in an election. It does matter where one chooses to vote, as people have different majority opinions in different areas of the country. Being informed of those opinions and taking them into consideration when deciding where to vote is essential.

It is also important that people vote where they are more educated on the issues. Tulane students can register to vote in Louisiana even if they come from another state. If they do not know much about local or state politics here, however, then they might not be able to make an informed decision when they go to the polls. Voters might find it in their best interests to vote in their home state where they have a greater likelihood of knowing about the local politics.

Some might think that voting in one state might be more effective than another, but that is not necessarily true. In the presidential election, voting in certain states might matter depending on what party one is affiliated with and which candidate they choose. For primaries, however, each state has their own for both parties. It is best to remember to vote strategically.

All of this information aside, it only matters if we choose to act on it. This means that we all need to take action and actually vote. As young adults, it is easy to think that sometimes our voice might not matter. In a historic election like this, it is crucial that we students do not fall into that mindset. There are candidates with business and medical backgrounds, a democratic socialist candidate and a female candidate. With a revolutionary election at hand, everyone should contribute to the result.

No matter where you choose to cast your vote, make sure to vote wherever you will be able to make an informed decision. Whether that is here in Louisiana or in your home state is up to you. It will not matter where you submit your ballot because your vote will count regardless of where you choose to vote. All that matters is that you actually cast a ballot. Do not believe that your voice will not matter. In an election with so many dynamic candidates, anything can happen.

Daniel is a sophomore at Newcomb-Tulane College. He can be reached at [email protected].

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