Lupe Fiasco inspires at Republic New Orleans


Chloe Christian, Contributing Reporter

Sunday in the Lower Garden District, Republic New Orleans hosted Lupe Fiasco on his “Tour For The Fans.” 

Lupe’s opening acts resembled a similar artsy, talented and even quirky style to his own. The Boy Illinois performed his hit single “Hit My Line,” pumping up the crowd for Lupe’s arrival.

On tour to promote his album “Tetsuo & Youth,” Fiasco’s calm introduction gave off relaxed vibes. The ambiance was infused with soothing red and blue lights as the crowd spit back Lupe’s infamous rhymes.

Sporting Lennon-style glasses, cornrows and a casual denim tee, Lupe brought a more mature rapping presence than the typical “chain and jersey wearing” celebrity. Opening with songs from “Tetsuo & Youth”, Fiasco incorporated a unique New Orleans-based interlude to transition between songs. With a rhythmic sound of saxophone and blues, Lupe gave off an ethereal ambiance while calling forth members from the back to join him up front.

As the concert continued, Fiasco performed “Superstar” and “The Show Goes On,” the songs responsible for his rise to fame. Then, Lupe played “Touch the Sky,” and performed the infamous verse heralding back to Kanye West’s “Late Registration.” Finally, as the crowd sang the hook to “Daydreamin’” Lupe then cut the music and spoke some inspiring words about “embracing the moments and experiences before they pass.”

Lupe’s performance was incredibly dynamic, as it shifted from moments of enthusiasm and hype to calmness and self-reflection. He owned the stage with his unique dance moves while spitting bars after bars without breath. Ultimately, the show incorporated Lupe’s old hits like “Kick, Push” while demonstrating his musical development into a mature and poetic artist through his album’s eclectic sounds.

As the evening died down, Lupe’s presence remained strong and engaging. The entire audience gave off an energetic enthusiasm and showed appreciation for every moment.

“It was insane,” Tulane freshman Juliette Jampolsky said. “His old songs took me back to 8th grade while his new songs were also mad cool. The show was so dope.”

With a finale like no other, the Chicago rapper not only entertained but inspired the New Orleans audience.

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