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It’s been a dreary year economically, so now is the perfect timeto get creative with your cash and refresh your living space. Thecheapest and most sustainable approach to changing a room is goinggreen: Reuse old furniture and decor just by adding a splash ofpaint and some accessories. If you want to learn more techniquesfor creating new designs, look into interiordesign training, but first check out these interior design anddecorating tips to enhance a room for less than $50.

* Change light bulbs. Different light bulbs, includingincandescent, compact fluorescent, halogen, etc., can have adramatic effect on your living space. You’ll find colored lightbulbs are available, too.

* Buy new towels. Adding new towels to the kitchen or bath canadd color to the space and spruce up the design of the area.

* Add table lamps. Table lamps are inexpensive, functional andinteresting. If you have table lamps, consider changing the shapeof the shade, or use a spray adhesive and cover the existing lampwith a fabric remnant.

* Change light fixtures. Purchasing a new light fixture canactually create a focal point in the room. Or, try swapping out theglobes of an existing light fixture.

* Paint the furniture. Painting old furniture is a great way tofreshen the look of a room.

* Change hardware on drawers and cabinets. This is a great wayto revive a kitchen or even modernize your existing furniture.

* Buy a modern shelf. If your decor has been around forever,consider buying a modern-looking shelf and rearrange your existingitems. You can give an updated look to your colorful books, vasesand pictures.

* Buy a throw rug. Colorful throw rugs can bring an added designelement to a room.

* Buy a pillow. Add a pillow to your chair or sofa. If you havepillows already, simply buy a fabric remnant and recover thepillows for a new style.

* Paint a wall. Pick a bold color and paint one wall of aroom.

Transforming your room will make you feel more comfortable inyour environment without hurting your wallet. If you have moreideas for redecorating a room and love the creative opportunitiesthat interior design offers, you might want to consider anassociate or bachelor’s degreein interior design.

Information in this article was provided by IADT – Orlando.Contact IADT – Orlando today if you’re interested in developingmarketable knowledge and career-relevant skills with anindustry-current interior designdegree program. (IADT – Orlando does not guarantee employmentor salary.)

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