New Orleans Film Festival to screen across city


Tasha Sirotak

The 26th annual New Orleans Film Festival will feature many films including an opening and closing screening, a centerpiece and eight spotlight films.

Michael Ossorguine, Staff Reporter

On Wednesday, red carpets will roll out on the streets across the Crescent City and future stars of the movie industry will have the opportunity to present their potential at the 26th annual New Orleans Film Festival. The festival ends on Oct. 22.

For aspiring filmmakers trying to learn more about making it big in the industry, a fan of indie and mainstream filmmaking of all sorts or even just a student trying to embrace the growing media production culture of New Orleans and the fun of the French Quarter, the upcoming 26th Annual New Orleans Film Festival has something special planned.

MovieMaker Magazine has ranked the event, hosted by the New Orleans Film Society, among the “50 Film Festivals Worth the Entry Fee” in 2013 and 2014. It has boasted over 200 films in the last yer alone with over 25,000 attendees. The festival is known as a hub for filmmakers to conceive and share new ideas for future productions.

“We hear on a regular basis that people are collaborating at the festival, or they make contacts with people who end up producing their next film, or they find their next actress,” Director of the New Orleans Film Society Clint Bowie said. “I literally received an email a couple of weeks ago from someone whose film is showing this year saying that he met the producer of his film on the dance floor at a party of ours two years ago.”


Photo of closing night film “Brooklyn” courtesy of Bond Public Relations

While networking in casual settings, the festival-goers can enjoy the company of people such as Win Butler, lead singer of “Arcade Fire,” who will be DJing a party at Mardi Gras World on the West Bank.

Apart from big name and NOLA-style parties, the festival has hosted some notable features. “12 Years a Slave,” which went on to become the Oscar-winner for Best Picture in 2013 had its third public screening two years ago, with director Steve McQueen in attendance.

Tulane’s presence will not be absent from the festival either, as Tulane student, Jonathan Nguyen and Tulane graduate Ashley George have a feature film “Consequence” screening this year at The Prytania Theater.

“The two of them created this film while they were students at Tulane and it’s a really strong first feature film from two filmmakers who I rarely see that kind of talent from in student filmmakers, and they’re going to be involved in the Q&A so we’re really excited about that,” Bowie said.

The films touch a vast array of topics and genres and were picked by the board of the New Orleans Film Society for their excellence and their ability to win awards. Many of these selections may go on to win some of their own. It looks like a huge opportunity for filmmakers, and a cultural, classy and enjoyable time for all involved.

The festival will feature around 173 feature productions, short films, music videos and documentaries screening in nine different theaters centered around the French Quarter and Garden District, as well as other symposiums. A full list of programs and the film schedule can be found at the film festival’s website.

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