10 important facts from President Fitts’ town hall

Kate Jamison, Online News Editor

Tulane President Michael Fitts hosted a town hall meeting at 5 p.m. Monday in the Lavin-Bernick Center. Here are 10 things you need to know. 

1. President Michael Fitts wants to make efforts to improve diversity on campus. “We need to do better in terms of racial diversity and economic diversity on campus,” he said. 

2. Students can now have 12 appointments per academic year at Counseling and Psychological Services. Before this semester students were limited to 12 appointments during their four years at Tulane. Students are limited in their number of appointments in order to accommodate the needs of Tulane’s student body. 

3. Additionally, they have hired more CAPS counselors and started a 24-hour mental health hotline.

4. Yulman Stadium was paid for through private donations that were specifically given for the stadium. The expensive stadium has nothing to do with the university’s budget deficit. 

5. When asked about raising the minimum wage for on-campus workers, including student workers, Fitts said he would love to, but “those decisions would cause us to spend less money on scholarships and salaries,” he said. 

6. Fitts isn’t currently interested in divesting from fossil fuels. He said the school has worked hard to reduce its own carbon footprint but that the endowment has to be run to increase return. 

7. Tulane Emergency Medical Services was suspended after a specific incident raised conduct concerns, but the university is committed to reinstating the student organization. “We will bring TEMS back when we are confident that they can operate safely,” Vice President for Student Affairs Dr. Dusty Porter said.

8. Tulane University Police Department Superintendent Jon Barnwell said TUPD is reviewing its mass communication procedures after a student asked what TUPD would do in an active shooter scenario.

9. Tulane isn’t a member of the Coalition for Access, Affordability, and Success because of a lack of financial aid resources, Fitts said. The coalition is a group of public and private universities working to make a free platform to “streamline” the college application process. 

10. Fitts said students should be able to communicate freely with the Tulane Board. “Creating more institutionalized ways for students to communicate is a good idea,” Fitts said. 

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