House of Shock and its ‘Resurrection’


Lord Belial preps for the newly resurrected House of Shock. 

Sam Ergina, Online Arcade Editor

Between voodoo, haunted restaurants and vampire tales, New Orleans has always been connected with the world of the paranormal, which makes it the perfect place for the House of Shock’s horrors.

On mostly Fridays and Saturdays, starting Oct. 2 through Halloween night, the House of Shock will be celebrating its 23rd installment, titled “The Resurrection.” It will feature frightening carnival sideshow the Bordello of Freaks, the Laff in the Dark 3-D clown attack and more blood-curdling setups that horror enthusiasts call “fun.” 

In addition to all the scares, there will be live concerts each night House of Shock runs. Bands and artists performing at the installment include “The Unnaturals,” “Remedy” and “Mickey B3.” 

This project was raised from the dead with tons of support from the community, who gather together every October for laughs and screams. The House of Shock would like to repay them with a design that’s sure to impress any New Orleanian with a taste for the macabre. The House of Shock has returned with a vengeance. 

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