Pandora to present ODESZA at Joy Theater

Molly Maugeri, Staff Reporter

Those faithful listeners who remained loyal to Pandora were rewarded with free tickets to ODESZA and can wave said tickets in the faces of all of their friends who questioned their choice in music apps.

This Friday, ODESZA, along with Louis Futon and Kasbo will perform at the Joy Theater in downtown New Orleans.

For those unfamiliar with ODESZA’s music, the duo consists electronic dance music DJs with several albums and singles that have been mixed over the past few years. Their most popular track, “Say My Name” featuring the singer Zyra, was released in 2014 and has been remixed many times since then.

Banding together at Western Washington University, Clayton Knight and Harrison Mills, also known as BeachesBeaches and CatacombKid, respectively, began creating their collective sound. Soon after, the band released their first album in 2012, “Summer’s Gone,” followed by “My Friends Never Die” and “In Return” in 2014, with the deluxe version of the latter dropping this past year.


Photo courtesy of Pitch Perfect PR

Fall of 2013 brought about continued success and popularity for ODESZA when the duo joined big name Pretty Lights on tour. The following spring, ODESZA played Coachella, one of the nation’s most popular and most famous music festivals, in Southern California. In 2015, it continues to tour nationally and stops in New Orleans this Friday.

The show is at a venue fit for a smaller crowd, but the Joy Theater can create a more intimate atmosphere in which ODESZA’s ethereal sound will fit nicely. It will be a great time for those who have tickets or are thinking of buying them.

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