TuLi app provides platform for tutors on demand

Ben Kanter and Michael Falchiere founded TuLi, an app that provides a marketplace for students to meet tutors. 

Kate Jamison, Online News Editor

Tulane graduate Benjamin Kanter and his longtime friend Michael Falchiere have developed an app that’s being called “Uber for tutors.”

The app, called TuLi, aims to be a marketplace where tutors and students can meet. It allows students to schedule appointments with verified tutors and pay them through the app. The service has a feature to send out a message to all available tutors in the middle of the night, allowing users to get help when they need it.

The app vets tutors before allowing them to sell their services by reviewing their transcripts. Only students with 3.5 or higher GPAs are allowed to tutor and they can only tutor students in classes that they received an A or A- in.

Sarah Mills is a junior majoring in finance and working as the lead ambassador for the app. She said one of her favorite features is the capacity for students to review tutors after working with them.

“That is something that I think the other tutoring lists don’t have,” Mills said. “It’s important to have feedback.”

Kanter said the idea for the app occurred to him while he was a student.

“A lot of people either asked me for help or struggled to find a tutor last minute, and sometimes they wouldn’t be able to find one at all, and that would obviously affect their grades,” Kanter said. “I started thinking about why there wasn’t a way to make that process easier so people could get the help they needed.”

He surveyed the tutoring services available through the university and decided that TuLi would be the best way to fill the tutoring void that he found. Kanter and Falchiere began developing the app in November. They are working with a development firm based in San Francisco.

The app will launch at five schools soon, including Tulane, Quinnipiac University, University of South Carolina, University of Delaware and University of Maryland. The app is expected to launch within the next month, pending final app testing and approval from the Apple app store.

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