Mopho: Where Vietnamese, Creole fuse


Mopho’s specialty lemongrass and ginger chicken wings. The restaurant, located in Mid-City, serves a fusion of Vietnamese and Cajun food.

Ishan Patel, Staff Reporter

Nestled in a cozy neighborhood in Mid-City is Mopho, a restaurant offering Vietnamese and Creole fusion cuisine. The interior is dominated by polished wood, and although the ambience is intimate and simple, it is contrasted by the colorful and pungent food.

The Arcade began with Mopho’s famous lemongrass and ginger chicken wings. The wings were appetizing and perfectly cooked. While the ginger and chilies added some heat, the lemongrass added a sweetness that elevated the dish. 

For the main course, we first got the pork belly. It was excellent and all the ingredients married well. The pork belly was crisp and nicely cooked and it was served with tender blanched greens, Cajun popcorn rice, spiced peanuts, and sweet southern peaches. 

The vegetarian options are equally delicious. We ordered the vegetarian alkaline noodles and the eggplant bowl, both of which managed to impress. The noodles were cooked in a savory roasted garlic and peanut satay and were tossed with shiitake mushrooms and corn. The highlight of the dish was the basil and sweet juicy yellow tomatoes, which complemented the satay. The eggplant bowl was great and consisted of eggplants and tofu in a tangy chili marinade with garden peas. A fried egg or a pork spring roll can be added to any dish for an additional dollar.

Mopho also has a wide alcohol and boba tea selection to choose from. We opted for the Guns and Roses tea and the Beachbum tea. The Guns and Roses was flavored with strawberries, oranges and rose water, while the Beachbum consisted of coconut cream, pineapple and lime. They were both refreshing. The latter was no different from a piña colada, except for the added bobas.

The weak points in the meal were the desserts. Not only were they overpriced, but also the portions were extremely small. We opted for a white chocolate crémeux, served with a peach sorbet and a peach, basil and ginger salad. The crémeux was great and paired well with the juicy sorbet, but the fresh salad was forgettable. We also ordered a chocolate tart with condensed-milk ice cream and diced cherries, which was ordinary.

Overall, Mopho offers a distinctive menu that pairs exotic Vietnamese ingredients with southern classics to create a satisfying experience. With reasonable prices, a quiet setting and great food, this gem of a restaurant is worth your time.