Netflix original series queue 2.0

Ishan Patel

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (4 stars)

New York City is where everyone gets their new start. Even people who’ve been locked inside a doomsday bunker since middle school like Kimmy Schmidt. “The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt” is Tina Fey’s latest smash hit.

Fey’s writing is tight, full of laugh-out-loud situations and is packed with witty one-liners. Fey infuses the script with bright optimism and gives us a lead female character who isn’t afraid to tackle the troubles in life. 

Ellie Kemper shines as Kimmy, and she really connects with the audience. Naive yet fearless, she is a character that audiences cheer for from the very beginning. Tituss Burgess as Kimmy’s flamboyant roommate Titus, delivers many of the shows most memorable moments. And of course, if you’re not humming “Pinot Noir” on a daily basis, you’re in the minority. Jane Krakowski is fantastic as the self-absorbed wealthy housewife, and delivers as perfectly as she did in “30 Rock.”

“Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt” is clever, uplifting fun. Don’t miss this one at any cost!

Daredevil (3.5 stars)

“Daredevil” follows Matt Murdock, who is blinded by a radioactive substance when he is a child, but gains enhanced hearing senses and strength. A lawyer by day and a vigilante by night, he uses his abilities to fight the criminal underworld.

Besides Matt’s enhanced hearing, none of the characters have any superhuman abilities. The villains range from members of a criminal syndicate to mafia-esque lowlifes. The show is a terrifying account of organized crime that exists today, and the hyper-realistic portrayal of organized crime will haunt viewers.

The show’s action sequences mark a departure from Marvel’s typical style. The action is more realistic and gritty than what Marvel typically does, with intensely graphic scenes. 

The show does have some downsides; viewers may find it difficult to believe that Matt is blind as it never seems to hinder him. The script may also seem a bit repetitive in the first few episodes. 

All in all, “Daredevil” stands among A-grade Hollywood action thrillers and is worth watching for its realistic script, great performances, and amazing action sequences.

Bloodline (3 stars)

“Bloodline” is a thriller-drama that revolves around the Rayburn family who run a hotel business in the Florida Keys. When the oldest and most forgotten child, Danny, returns home and threatens to reveal his family’s secrets the family is entangled in a web of secrets, betrayal and murder. 

“Bloodline” has some things that work in its favor. The cinematography is top-notch as it accurately captures the scenery of the Florida Keys. Costumes and production design realistically expose the differences in wealth among Florida residents. All of the characters are well-written, and the performances from the cast are stellar.

These strengths, however, contrast with the snail pace at which the narrative moves. The script is full of loose ends and delivers fewer thrills than one would expect from a thriller. The show could be described as a realistic account of a family’s personal life.

Although not very thrilling, “Bloodline” has some bravura and exotic visuals.  It’s a slow watch, but picks up steam midway.