FAQ reboot works towards more eclectic taste


Fridays at the Quad is new and improved with a planned schedule and a wider variety of artists.

Michael Ossorguine, Staff Reporter

‘Free’ is the most attractive word to any college student, and no one knows that better than Tulane University Campus Programming. TUCP is livening up its live music and free food program each Friday with the new and improved Fridays at the Quad. 

In previous years, FAQs featured mostly rock, alternative and grunge bands like Grimes and Dent May, but they didn’t appeal to everyone. TUCP Co-Chairs Scott Thomson and Jacqueline McLennan spent the summer working with Public Relations Chair Dani Klemes to reinvigorate the program by reaching a wider demographic of Tulanians. Their focus is on bringing a variety of genres to campus.

TUCP has redoubled its efforts to schedule a wide array of weekly performances. Students can expect rock, jazz, hip-hop and electronic dance music acts each Friday to help them wind down after a long week.

Despite efforts to boost student participation, the huge lines for the food trucks have outshined the few people hanging out on the grass. TUCP is confident that this will change. 

“We think people are going to be really surprised by the quality of FAQs this year,” Thomson said. “There has never been an EDM act before. There has never been a hip-hop act before, and there is going to be one this Friday.”

The schedule of acts, which can be seen on the new FAQ poster, is more representative of student interests. Significant acts include U.S. Girls, Atlanta-based rapper Houdinne, coming this Friday, and even Tulane student DYL on Oct. 9. 

“It’s all done by the student committees,” Thomson said. “All we do is see if it’s feasible, and run the concerts.”

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