La Nuit Sunday Roast Battles attract comedians for laughs and blasts

Keala Rusher, Contributing Reporter

Once a month, Sundays at La Nuit Comedy Theater are far from lazy. Comedians of all backgrounds and experience levels gather to put one another on blast and see who comes out victorious at the Sunday Roast Battles.

Each battle between two comics consists of multiple rounds, each lasting 30 seconds, where each person has his or her opportunity to say the most insulting comments possible towards their competitor. The victory goes to the comedian who wins two rounds out of three.

Some battles are considerably more concise than others, which was the case when newcomer Christopher Fremin, known as C. Free, faced veteran Jason Dormady on Sunday. Dormady fired shots at Fremin, attacking his career as both a white rapper and a Buddhist podcaster, and Fremin responded with explicit comments about Dormady’s wife. Dormady’s extensive experience as a comic was clearly to his advantage, as he defeated Fremin in two quick rounds.


While the battle was the main event of the night, the comedians who opened, closed and performed between rounds cannot be underestimated, either. Each had a different story to tell. One comedian told the story of the time he drove some Tulane fraternity members in an Uber to Bourbon St. They were hoping to meet girls, unaware that the Southern Decadence Parade was occurring at the time.

For each wild story, the comic had a unique storytelling technique, which speaks to the diversity of New Orleans. In an intimate house packed full of people from all walks of life and comedic experience, those in attendance shared many laughs. It was the perfect way to wind down and crack up after the hectic weekend.

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