Students should stay safe, be respectful during Mardi Gras

Mardi Gras is a highly anticipated time, but it should not be an opportunity for students to neglect the resources offered by our community. The Hullabaloo hopes that students will do their best to be respectful to locals, families, City of New Orleans employees and Tulane University and New Orleans Police Departments, as well as all Tulane and Sodexo employees who are giving up portions of their Mardi Gras experience to serve students.

With the bulk of parades this weekend, it is important that both those experiencing their first Mardi Gras and veterans of the celebration are aware of the resources Tulane and New Orleans offer to keep students, community members and visitors safe and healthy.


During Mardi Gras, we urge students to stay with the people they go out with. One way to make sure you do not lose your friends is to share your location on your phone. We also recommend setting a meeting place in case you get split up. To prevent losing personal items or having them stolen, we recommend putting items in a fanny pack or small bag that you will be able to keep track of. Write down phone numbers in case you lose your phone and be conscientious of your valuables.

Many bathrooms cost money along the parade route except for some city-provided bathrooms, and once you are out, you will not have a source of free food or water. There will be bottled water for sale along the parade route. We recommend staying hydrated and fed because Mardi Gras really is a marathon.

Legal Assistance

Tulane Legal Assistance Program is funded by the Tulane Associated Student Body and provides free or low-cost legal advice to current students, staff and faculty. While the TULAP office is closed for Mardi Gras, students should contact

  • TULAP attorney Carolyn Cooper at 504-534-5406 for bailouts and lockups


The Tulane shuttle system will be available through the weekend with a modified schedule for all students carrying a Splash Card. The Tulane shuttles provide students a safe way to get to parades from campus and an alternative to other methods of unregulated transportation during Mardi Gras. The schedule can be found at will also be operating and able to bring students anywhere within a one-mile radius of Tulane’s Uptown Campus.

tulane parade schedule mardi gras

For all students walking alone or at night during Mardi Gras, RaveGuardian is a resourceful phone app that allows users to have a “virtual escort” while walking. This app is free with a Tulane email address and is endorsed by TUPD.

  • TUPD Emergency Number: 504-865-5911
  • TUPD Non-Emergency: 504-865-5381

Healthcare and Emergencies

The Tulane Student Health Center will be open normal hours through Saturday and from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Monday. It will be closed on Sunday

  • For general, non-emergency health concerns, call the Tulane Medical Center at 504-988-5800.
  • For off-campus emergencies, first call 911.
  • Tulane Emergency Medical Services will operate during normal hours Thursday through Saturday, and other EMS services will be available the rest of Mardi Gras.

Other emergency medical resources can be found at

On-campus Dining

Bruff Commons Dining Room is open for the weekend and Monday, but it will be closed Tuesday. Many venues in the Lavin-Bernick Center for University Life food court are also open through the weekend. The complete list of dining services hours for Mardi Gras can be found at

We encourage students to make sure that they are eating and hydrating, using these venues or other locations throughout Mardi Gras.

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