WTUL tunes into local music scene


WTUL provides 24-hour radio entertainment to the Tulane community. The station, with Winter Circle Productions, promotes music shows throughout New Orleans. 

Jordan Cohn, Contributing Reporter

WTUL New Orleans has long been a staple for Tulane students and for New Orleans drivers. Today, the radio station serves as an important link to the New Orleans music scene and showcases many of the genres for which the city is famous.

Since its first broadcast on an antenna designed from an amateur radio handbook, WTUL has grown into an alternative 24-hour radio station providing local music, opinions, news and a variety of other segments. WTUL does more than just independent broadcasts, however. It frequently works with other musically-oriented organizations, as well as individual venues like Gasa Gasa and Hi-Ho Lounge, to promote upcoming concerts.

“What usually happens with co-promotions is that a production company or a concert venue or band or record label, something along those lines, will give us tickets in exchange for … on-air acknowledgement; we call them promotions,” WTUL General Manager Remy Markovich said.

WTUL also commonly co-promotes events with local New Orleans company Winter Circle Productions. Winter Circle Productions was created in 2009 as an independent production company working to bring back the expanse of music it believed to be damaged post-Hurricane Katrina. Winter Circle Productions, along with WTUL, has put on music listening parties such as the Sept. 24 event for Disclosure’s new album, “Caracal.” 

WTUL promotes upcoming shows through its social media platforms, like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, as well hosting various ticket giveaways both off and on air. Typically, their promotions are broadcast in correspondence with the genre of music being played.

The radio station’s upcoming shows include Run the Jewels on Saturday and Toro y Moi on Oct. 13. Both will take place at Republic New Orleans. Run the Jewels, the distinctive rap duo of El-P and Killer Mike, will be playing in anticipation of its newest release “RTJ2,” out this fall. In support of its latest album, “What For?,” Toro y Moi, often considered a prominent name in the chillwave movement, will be accompanied by opener Astronauts, etc.