Bill Nye rallies for environmental sustainability

Sarah Simon, Staff Writer

The following is an opinion article and opinion articles do not reflect the views of The Tulane Hullabaloo.

When he spoke at 8 p.m. Monday at McAlister Auditorium, Bill Nye had an explicit point that he revisited many times during his lecture: we, as the future of the Earth, have the power to — dare he say it — change the world. And we, the student body, need to listen.

Nye repeated this catchphrase throughout the lecture and though he sported a comedic accent each time he stated it, repetition did not dilute the meaning. Nye truly believes that this generation will be active in creating meaningful and progressive change.

Nye focused his rallying cry on climate change. He cited his 2014 debate with climate change-denier and creationist Ken Ham. He explained the scientific method that he subscribes to wholeheartedly: belief must be backed up with proof. People such as Ham should not be stagnant in their beliefs  they must look to evidence for answers.

Nye went further to explain how we could change the world. He described renewable energy sources and how they need to be improved. He cited necessary changes in engineering, chemistry, geology, astronomy and political science. Our generation has inherited a paradigm of mindless ecological destruction that we must act in all academic disciplines to counteract it.

The scientist made a controversial choice in publicly disparaging the views of climate change-deniers. This, however, was the right choice. Nye takes his position seriously. He respectfully engages in debate and is willing to be open-minded and flexible. Nye explained that given the right evidence, he would absolutely change his mind.

Nye should be taken seriously. His call to action should be repeated worldwide. Nye is correct in the direction in which he is pointing us, and as the next generation, it is time for us to take action. We are not responsible for the state our planet is in, but we are responsible for changing its current course.

Everyone should have access to the science and the politics for which Nye advocates. His accessibility is what has granted him this cult following. He has an incredible talent for taking challenging material and making it fascinating, entertaining and comprehensible. 

Bill Nye’s lecture contained all of the elements that made him so endearing in elementary school science classes. Joking manner aside, his message was clear and important to keep in mind. As a cohort of students going forward, we should carry this message with us and work to make the world a better place.