TUPD identifies suspicious person in classroom as Tulane student

An unknown male reportedly entered and disrupted a class of which he was not a registered student on Thursday.

The suspicious person left the class and the professor followed him and asked if he was registered for the class to which he replied, ‘No, but I will be right back,’ according to a statement from Tulane Executive Director of Public Relations Michael Strecker.

Another student in the class reported that the suspicious person had handed him a drawing prior to the class, according to the statement.

The professor reported the incident to the Tulane University Police Department and the suspicious person was identified as a Tulane student and escorted to meet with the Division of Student Affairs, according to TUPD’s report.

TUPD officers visited the student’s home, where they found no evidence of criminal intent on the student’s part. The drawing in question did not contain any violent or threatening content.

The Student Affairs Professional-on-Call was notified of the incident and no further steps were taken, despite multiple social media messages claiming otherwise.

“As a result of this incident, several social media messages were posted claiming that the Tulane campus was placed on ‘lock-down’ as the result of a violent student,” Strecker said in a statement. “These social media messages were completely false.”

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