Poor ratings, broken promises hinder Jindal’s presidential possibility

Micheal Ossorguine, Contributing Reporter

The following is an opinion article and opinion articles do not reflect the views of The Tulane Hullabaloo.

Bobby Jindal is not a popular politician. According to a Mississippi poll by Triumph Campaigns released in March, his approval ratings as governor of Louisiana are hovering at 27 percent. Bobby Jindal does not seem to be too concerned with these ratings, as his presidential run has been a mess of big words and hot air.

While this strategy has been working for current front-runner Donald Trump, Jindal has remained at the back of the pack of 17 other candidates, with most polls showing him hovering around 1 percent.

Many would wonder why Jindal feels he is capable of being a competent president. The Camelot Index paints a sorry picture of Louisiana’s current state. The Camelot Index is a ranking of U.S. states compiled by Federal Funds Information for States utilizing massive sets of data compiled on the fields of economic health, residents’ health, education, crime, state government prudence and the health of society with Louisiana ranked in dead last.

In his various media appearances, he has bragged about lowering the state budget and taxes. Aside from this being a common Republican selling point, his lowering of expenditures has been a direct result of a huge government shortfall that amounts to $1.6 billion, perhaps caused by low taxes. Meanwhile, Governor Jindal has repeatedly dismissed any ideas for new sources of revenue. As he tries to please the taxpayer, he fails his community.

This is not all the damage that Jindal has done. In an interview for Real Clear Politics, former Louisiana Senator Mary Landrieu laments the huge cuts on education spending.

“Our universities have taken the largest cut in the history of our state, and in the nation. We don’t even really have public universities anymore,” Landrieu said. “Louisiana State University is not really a state institution anymore because the largest amount of money going to LSU comes privately from fees and tuition paid by individuals that attend.”

As Jindal brags about decreasing the size of government, the state of Louisiana has the highest crime rate of all the Southern states, as FBI crime reports have confirmed, and has the fourth highest crime rate in the nation as of 2012. Bobby Jindal has done little to combat this.

Much like Governor Chris Christie, Jindal’s abysmal popularity in his home state will come back to bite him and will ensure that his presidential bid is left in the dust before the first vote is cast.