Letter from the editor: New Hullabaloo staff begins with the new year

Emma Discher, Editor-in-Chief

A new staff is taking over The Hullabaloo for the coming school year to fulfill the duties of being the eyes and ears of the Tulane Community. Since the staff starts with the incoming freshman class, it only seems appropriate to introduce them in the same way.

The staff will be a bit bigger because of the addition of some new positions and the consolidation of others. We are expanding our photography and videography departments to have two and three editors, respectively. We also consolidated the Recruiting Coordinator and Training Coordinator into one position. In total, 30 dedicated people will make up the staff.

This year’s staff is geographically diverse, representing 14 U.S. states and Canada. Maryland is the most represented state with five staffers, Illinois is second with four and California is third with three, tied with Louisiana and New York. Similar to Tulane in general, The Hullabaloo staff will have more females than males with two-thirds being female and one-third being male.

The sophomore and junior classes have 11 staff members each. There are eight seniors. Though the staff may seem young in age, they are not in experience. 19 are returning to staff and of the 11 new staffers, seven previously served in assistant roles.

Over the coming year the staff will put together 26 issues of the weekly paper along with daily online content and social media updates across eight platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter accounts for each section and a general account, and most recently Snapchat).

We intend to keep the Tulane community informed in all areas of daily life through our efforts. We would enjoy having you as part of our team, whether it is breaking news about campus crime, selling advertisements to support our work or snapping photos at a Green Wave football game. Don’t hesitate to reach out about coming on board or even giving us feedback. We look forward to serving as your campus news organization.

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