The Palms Bar and Grill raises minimum age to 21


The Palms Bar and Grill has raised its minimum age requirement from 19 to 21. The Palms could face repercussions for a sexual assault that occurred in March 2014. 

Brandi Doyal, Print News Editor

The Palms Bar and Grill has changed its minimum age requirement from 19 to 21, a representative for The Palms said. The new age requirement is currently being enforced. 

The Palms is being reviewed by the New Orleans City Council for a case where a woman reported being raped March 19, 2014 by two men within the bar.

The city “is now charging The Palms with permitting improper conduct and maintaining a public nuisance,” the Uptown Messenger reported here.

The Alcohol Beverage Control Board will review The Palms June 17.

A complaint against The Palms for the March 19, 2014 rape incident suggests penalties ranging from suspending the bar’s liquor license to a stricter operating agreement.

Freshman Ivanka Reksono said The Palms needed to create a safer environment.

“I know that things have happened at The Palms recently, and I feel like they needed to take action because people know it’s not a safe environment,” Reksono said. “Women especially can’t feel comfortable just trying to have a good time at The Palms. Raising the age limit makes the population of people who go there smaller and [18-year-olds] won’t be able to go there unless they have a fake [identification].”

Sophomore Holly Hunt said she thinks The Palms could lose business with its minimum age change.

“I think it is not a good business move because most of the people who go to The Boot and Palms are freshmen and sophomores,” Hunt said. “The Palms will potentially lose out on a lot of business.”

The Palms did not respond to multiple enquiries.