Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Twin Peaks to rock LBC Quad


Bess Turner, Staff Reporter

Unknown Mortal Orchestra and supporting act Twin Peaks will come to Tulane 4 p.m. Friday to play a free show on the Lavin-Bernick Center Quad.

Self-described “depression funk” band Unknown Mortal Orchestra is on tour in support of upcoming album “Multi-Love,” which is due May 26. Twin Peaks is touring in support of “Wild Onion,” which was released in August.

Though Twin Peaks formed in high school, singer and guitarist Cadien James claims the sound hasn’t evolved for the Chicago garage-rock band since.

“I don’t know, man,” James said. “I guess we’re getting better and better, but we still just play rock and roll.”

Even before Twin Peaks, James was inspired to make music. In middle school, he was in a two-piece with his brother Hal, who is a former drummer for Smith Westerns.

“Yeah man, I always wanted to be like my older brother,” James said. “He helps me work on songs sometimes, and he gives me advice.”

James’ brother, particularly fond of David Lynch’s cult classic, also helped name Twin Peaks.

“My brother was watching it,” James said. “We thought it was a cool name, and we used the name. Then we all watched it. Good show.”

James knows people who refuse to listen to Twin Peaks just because of the reference, but the possible third season of the show does grant the band some unintentional extra press.

After graduating high school, the band had a brief stint in college. After three months, though, the members promptly dropped out to work on Twin Peaks full-time. A set at South by Southwest soon followed.

“On the way out to school we got a call from [Los Angeles record label] Autumn Tone, and they asked us if we wanted to do the record,” James said. “Within two weeks of school, we were already applying to drop out.”

Though the band doesn’t currently have a follow-up planned after the Rolling Stones and Beach Boys-inspired “Wild Onion,” Twin Peaks has dropped a free album of demos that influenced its sophomore album.