Biological sisters add brother to family


Pictured above is the brother, Greg Bellis, that Nappi and Stern-Ellis found after the one year anniversary of discovering their sisterhood. 

Brandi Doyal, Print News Editor

Two sophomores who captured hearts around the nation last year when they discovered they shared the same sperm donor, added another member to their family. The sisters, Emily Nappi and Mikayla Stern-Ellis, learned that they had a brother on March 16.

Their newfound brother, Greg Bellis, from Fresno, California, is a sophomore at Emory University. Both Nappi and Stern-Ellis are from California, as well.

They found each other after a mutual friend connected them.

“A friend of a friend knew him and found out he had a [sperm] donor, as well,” Nappi said. “[The friend] brought us up to Greg. We are very, very excited.”

The sisters let the world know about their new brother on their Facebook fan page on March 17.

“Just a little over a year later and another miracle,” the post states. “We have found another sibling. We are so happy to welcome our new brother Greg to the family and so happy to see our family grow. We love our brother so much already.”

The Hullabaloo covered Nappi and Stern-Ellis’ discovery that they shared the same sperm donor during Tulane’s winter break. Nappi and Stern-Ellis took the nation by storm, appearing on a variety of talk shows such as NBC’s “Today.”

Nappi said that she hopes to expand their family by finding more of their siblings if they can, but she does not know an effective method of looking for other siblings.

“We’re hoping to find more, but there’s not really a good way to look for them,” Nappi said. “We just have to hope. Maybe the publicity will help.”

In regards to finding their father, Nappi said she worried about overwhelming him with press.

“We have thought about it,” Nappi said. “[We] mostly haven’t done it so as not to overwhelm him with publicity. We might try someday if we can.”

Nappi said they communicate with Bellis a lot through Facebook and hope to meet him and his family during the summer. Stern-Ellis could not be reached for comment.

Bellis said he was happy to discover his new sisters and wanted to get to know them better in the coming weeks.

“I was shocked in the best possible way,” Bellis said. “I found new sisters and with them, two incredible families to share my experiences with. I have more family. How could I be anything other than ecstatic?”

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