USG should use increased voter turnout to its advantage

There has been no lack of interest in school politics from the undergraduate students, as 1,695 total students voted in the USG elections on March 18 and 19. Though 25.7 percent of the undergraduate population cast a ballot for six positions, four of the candidates ran unopposed.

Undergraduate Student Government should hold recruitment or information sessions to encourage the student body to take a more active role in student government.

Such a large interest in school politics should not go unnoticed. USG should take this opportunity to encourage students to get involved in the organization. A majority of the candidates should not run unopposed if a large portion of the student body cares about who represents the students.

USG works with a $900,000 in annual expenditures and has immense decision-making power. The government should take this opportunity to promote the organization, so more students know how to get involved.

Student engagement is at an all-time high, as 300 students attended the last town hall meeting. The undergraduate population wants to know what decisions are being made with their student activities fee.  

USG rarely advertises ways for students to get involved, and candidates have run unopposed consistently for years. USG does not post transcripts of the decisions made at meetings, and though open to the public, seats are limited. 

It is essential that USG take advantage of the students’ interest and encourage more undergraduates to become involved in elected positions, so Tulane can have a more diverse group of students representing undergrads.

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