Crawfest releases initial lineup

Crawfest at Tulane University has announced its initial lineup. Artists include headliners Moon Taxi, along with Chicago soul band JC Brooks & the Uptown Sound and Tulane’s own The Bummers.

Moon Taxi was founded in 2006. The indie band has had four studio albums and has established itself on the festival circuit, performing at Coachella, The Hangout Music and Arts Festival, Bonnaroo and Firefly. The group’s groove and sound will be perfect for Crawfest’s intimate but active atmosphere. Moon Taxi’s most popular song on Spotify is “Morocco,” which has more than eight and a half million streams. This headliner is a fairly big name and was a great choice to close out the shellfish-themed festival.

Other artists that students should study up on before the festival are JC Brooks & the Uptown Sound and RDGLDGRN. The former, based out of Chicago, has a soulful sound that is fused with a variety of other genres like punk and R&B. The unique style of the group is perfect for a city that’s known for its musical melting pot effects.

RDGLDGRN is not a particularly well-known band. It will bring to the quad a subgenre of funk that the Tulane students from the D.C. area will appreciate: go-go. Originating from D.C., go-go is a combination of funk, R&B and old-school hip hop. It emphasizes percussion and funk-like jamming. RDGLDGRN has worked with some big names in the music industry such as Pharrell Williams and Dave Grohl, which speaks some volume to the group’s talent and potential at Crawfest.

Representing Tulane’s music community, The Bummers will grace the stage next month. The band was selected among other student bands by the Tulane community in a vote taken last semester.

Crawfest will be April 22. The festival is free for the Tulane community and will cost $10 for the general public.

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