FULLABALOO: Loyola letters endure despite setbacks


Colin Yaccarino | Photography Editor

An ancient photo of all of the Loyola letters in their rightful place. Since the time of this photo, the letters have scattered across many lands near and far. Most are doing well but some have suffered.

Loyola University New Orleans is iconic for its pristine “Loyola” letters displayed prominently on the university’s campus. The letters have endured repeated abuse from drunken Tulane students.

These students, for one reason or another, will steal the Loyola letters. While these incidents tend to happen during Mardi Gras season, they have occurred at other times throughout the year.

The Fullabaloo decided to send an investigative team to track down the stolen Loyola letters to see how they have fared through the years.

The first L was found in a fraternity house hanging in the room of senior Allan Coholic, who stole it during Mardi Gras his freshman year and has treasured it ever since. The L looked weathered, but cared for.

Both of the Os, the Y and the second L were found buried in the backyard of a family that had recently renovated and moved into a house on Broadway Street.

“When we moved here, we saw these letters and our son told us that YOLO was some kind of pop culture reference,” the family said. “We hate pop culture and had no idea where these letters came from. Nonetheless, we thought they deserved a proper burial.”

The family held a New Orleans funeral for the letters. More than five people paid tribute through song and dance.

The A is being used as a replacement A on a Chick-fil-A sign in rural Louisiana.

Legend has it that an inebriated Tulane student, after stealing the A, took a $300 uber to the nearest Chick-fil-A where he then passed out on the table. The Chick-fil-A branch had recently and tragically lost its A and installed the stolen A in its own sign.

A  Chick-fil-A representative declined to comment.

“I miss New Orleans sometimes,” the A, who will be getting married to the Chilck-fil-A “L” having next to him, said. “…but I do like the smell of chicken and it’s fun to meet other letters.”

While the A eagerly awaits the nuptials and more so, the honeymoon, the L needs to overcome her insecurities.

“It’s a lot to live up to because I know he used to be next to a different L and that feels like a ton of pressure on me,” the Chick-fil-A L said. “But love is love and I’ll do anything to make this work.”