TUCP brings T-Pain to campus for Spring Concert


Photo Courtesy of Tulane University Campus Programming

Autotune legend T-Pain has been selected by Tulane University Campus Programming to headline the annual spring concert. The show will take place at 8 p.m. April 6 in Devlin Fieldhouse. Tickets are available for $5 for Tulane community members.

Despite the many choices Tulane students make that their middle school selves would not necessarily be proud of, they will no doubt still indulge any sense of nostalgia from those years by catching T-Pain at this year’s Spring Concert.

This annual event, put on by Tulane University Campus Programming, will be held at 8 p.m. on April 6 at Avron B. Fogelman Arena in Devlin Fieldhouse. T-Pain will be joined by opener DJ argonaut&wasp.

Rapper and singer Faheem Rashad Najm, known colloquially as T-Pain, is recognized widely for his hits. He has sustained a place in the pop culture scene through his songs that helped usher in an era of Auto-Tuned music.

The artist’s biggest hits include “Buy U A Drank,” “Bartender” and “Booty Wurk.” His list of bangers, however, includes many more songs. He is featured on more than 50 chart-topping single, the most successful of which was Flo Rida’s 2007 hit “Low.”

T-Pain’s “Tiny Desk” special, available on NPR and YouTube, will also give listeners a greater appreciation for his artistic abilities. His live performances validate his claims that the use of Auto-Tune is a deliberate choice and not simply a crutch to support lackluster talent.

Booking such an act does not happen overnight. TUCP Programming Chairs Chandler Young and Chloe Ticknor explained that the planning process typically begins months before the show is announced.

“We have a concerts committee that helps with the initial brainstorming process for artists,” Ticknor said. “The committee votes on their favorites and [Young] and I work with other members of TUCP’s executive board to make it a reality.”

Young said the group worked hard to secure an artist about whom the entire campus would be buzzing.

“Watching our fellow students sing word-for-word songs from artists that they enjoy makes it all worth the stress of actually putting on the event.”

In order to brush up on T-Pain’s many hits, check out The Hullabaloo’s playlist of some of his top tracks.


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