Letter to the Editor: University’s finances remain a concern for Senate

To the Editors:

I am writing with some clarifications related to Armando Marin’s Feb. 26 article on the Senate discussion on Tulane’s annual deficit.

While the university has received some private donations for Yulman Stadium, it is the Senate’s understanding that there are still funds that need to be raised to pay for the remainder of the stadium’s construction costs. We do not yet know how large that remaining amount is.

Regarding the Senate’s involvement in the university budgeting process, faculty, staff and student senators and their constituencies always have a legitimate concern that the overall finances of the university are being prudently managed and equitably distributed. The recent survey of faculty opinion undertaken by the Tulane Chapter of the American Association of University Professors shows broad concern with financial issues across both the operating and capital budgets of the university. This makes it all the more important to achieve real transparency, openness, and fairness in the university’s finances.

Graham Owen

Faculty Senator, Architecture

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