Foxygen reunites, returns to New Orleans

Californians Jonathan Rado and Sam France of Foxygen will bring their jazz, folk and classic rock sound back to the Big Easy.

Formed in 2005 when both members were only 15, Foxygen made a name for itself after its 2011 studio album “We Are The 21st Century Ambassadors of Peace & Magic,” when producer Richard Swift discovered the dynamic duo.

Following a two-year hiatus since their 2014 release, Foxygen returned better than ever. No longer relying solely on the members’ talents and abilities, it incorporated a 40-piece orchestra into their album.

Rado and France have established a reputation for wild live shows and behavior, describing themselves and their music as “a handshake with a knife behind your back. A cosmic, Californian death-game of highway chicken. A sleepless night in a five-star hotel…Foxygen is the risk of pushing your best friend off the ledge just to see if they can fly.”

Their newest album, “Hang,” was written and produced entirely by Rado and France, with no computers used in the process. “Hang” was recorded and mixed on two-inch tape and vinyl lacquers cut directly from master tapes.

“Hang” comes after countless on-stage meltdowns, band breakups and a 2015 Farewell Tour. The album places Foxygen back on the map and shows fans their antics and knack for spectacle still exist.

From peppy and optimistic to a descent into darkness, Foxygen diversified this record to show the variety of their strengths while staying true to themselves.

The duo also emphasizes the importance of having fun on stage, as well as the role of the backing band and rhythm section in making both the album and live shows a success.

On April 17, Foxygen will bring their 60’s-meets-modern sound and eccentric personalities to One Eyed Jacks, marking the duo’s first return to New Orleans in over two years.

Doors open at 8 p.m. Tickets are on sale now for the 18+ performance for $20 on

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